COMStar Learning management team is composed of computer scientists, highly experienced industrial professionals, high-tech savvies, and university professors. COMStar Learning Tech Camps are new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs to enlighten kids and teens' love for technology and inspire them to be more creative and inventive.

The United States is projected to add 1 million new STEM jobs between 2012 and 2022, making increased student interest and achievement in STEM subjects imperative. COMStar Tech Camps are just such programs for motivating students in STEM. We offer 

  • fun courses in visualized coding, web design, game design, robotics, mapping, digital arts, digital music for young kids (ages 6-12);
  • professional IT courses specialized for teens (ages 12-18) in programming, web design, game design, 3D graphics, robotics, digital arts, digital music, GIS, mobile Apps development;
  • advanced courses/seminars on Big Data, Driverless Car, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), GPU Computing, Geospatial Computing, Wearable Computing, Braining Computing, and  other latest promising technologies for high school students;
  • opportunities for outstanding high school campers to participation in some innovative high-tech projects at the research laboratories of federal governments, prestigious universities, and leading industries in partnership and/or collaboration with COMStar Computing Technology Institute;

  • fantastic tours to federal government agencies, university laboratories and campuses, and leading industries;
  • opportunities to attending the leading-edge COMStar Tech Conferences and Summits, face-to-face communication with the world-class tech leaders from NASA, U.S. DOT, DOE, MIT, Stanford, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, NVIDIA, etc., and learning the latest tech trends at the events.

  • opportunities for outstanding high school students to publishing technical papers or posters in the COMStar conference proceedings by IEEE/ACM for world distribution to stand out in academic science & technology.

  • opportunities for student inventors to get boost to commercialize your ideas at the leading-edge COMStar Tech Conferences and Summits.

Come explore university campuses and tech centers with us, get inspired by energetic instructors with tech passions, and build critical STEM skills. Weeklong half day or full day include nurturing instruction, creative hands-on learning, and a variety of fantastic camp activities. Huge fun and sprouting ideas for kids and teens!

At COMStar Learning, we also offer several professional computer programming courses for professionals to enhance their job-related skills and help them find better work opportunities. Moreover, you may be able to startup your business very soon after being trained with computer skills at COMStar Learning!